Located in one of Glasgow’s grandest Victorian terraces, David Cargill House has been providing quality care home placements for more than 60 years.

David Cargill House is a Registered Charity, a voluntary, non-profit organisation registered with The Care Inspectorate, Glasgow City Council and The Scottish Social Services Council. These organisations independently assess and ensure that the home’s high standards are maintained.

Our highly trained staff team and excellent Care Inspectorate reports reflect our commitment to creating as positive a quality of life as possible for everyone who chooses to live at the House.

We offer a home from home in the leafy West End with a peaceful secure garden for our residents to enjoy as well as a wide range of activities. To arrange a visit just give us a call or fill out our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you.

Great staff

The staff are great, they really care and want to do the best they can for you


extraordinary service

The service is extraordinary for a number of reasons. Their approach is particularly person-centred and also communication with families is excellent.

(Visiting Professional)

Wonderful atmosphere

Wonderful atmosphere because of the professional team and my own relative has flourished because of it. This ‘house’ is more like one’s own home and my family and I are more than grateful to all the staff for their care of everyone.



As a family our environment has always been very important to us. Our values, preferences and individual style has been considered in the design and décor of the rooms. This has allowed us the privacy and space to share in the care of our relative within a place that feels homely.


Update 25/05/2020

We hope this finds you and your families well in this unprecedented time that we are living in.

We are acutely aware that the media just now is awash with the most unpleasant stories, mostly centred around care homes, and this is likely to be causing you to feel uneasy.   We wanted to touch base with you all to offer reassurance, and to let you know what we have been doing at the House to protect your loved ones from the virus.  We feel deeply for you being unable to see your loved ones, and we want you to know that we are working harder than ever to ensure their wellbeing at this time.

The Government advice surrounding social distancing, isolation and shielding applies to Care Homes as well, and we immediately rearranged the House to reflect this guidance.  Where residents have been determined as high-risk and advised to shield, they have been doing so since we received their shielding letters.  Some of our residents are also self-isolating due to being at risk also.  The three main lounges of the House have been rearranged to ensure social distancing guidance can be implemented whilst still being frequented by residents who cannot safely remain in their bedrooms.  We have managed to maintain a full rota and complement of staff each day to ensure that the high standards of care, activity and engagement that we are renowned for does not slip.  We have never been more proud of the staff team who continue to exceed our expectations daily, and do so with real compassion and drive to make a difference to the daily lives of your loved ones.

As a Management Team, we spend our day keeping on top of any new guidance, of which there has been a plethora, and ensuring that our residents and staff have everything they need to be comfortable and well looked after.  We are required to report our daily staffing, resident’s wellbeing and any vacancy information to Glasgow City Council, and a weekly staffing report is sent to the Care Inspectorate.  We also speak to our Care Inspector once a week for support and guidance.  There is a Manager on shift seven days a week and on-call 24 hours a day to respond to queries or concerns as they arise.  

From the very outset of the pandemic, we were aware that issues surrounding PPE and hand sanitiser were likely to arise and we took steps to ensure that we had ordered additional supplies, even if it was on back order, to make sure that we had, or could anticipate, adequate reserves should supply chains fail.  We did the same thing with food.  We have not encountered any real shortages of PPE, but we have been lucky to have had donations from local businesses, families and committee members.  We keep a daily inventory of our PPE supplies and continue to place regular orders to  ensure that we have supplies to cover us for weeks’ in advance.  We did have an issue with the supply of fluid resistant masks, but were supported by the NHS in procuring them.  We have never encountered a problem with food supplies – unless you count the global shortage of Tunnock’s products as their factory is closed! We increased our efforts in respect of cleaning and infection prevention and control measures right from the beginning and continue to operate stringent measures.

Every single resident and member of staff tested so far have returned a negative result, but please do not think that we would become complacent.  We continue to strive to ensure that your loved ones are protected, comfortable and are not disadvantaged in any way by the current measures in place at the House.  

 Your support during this time has been incredible, as always; we really appreciate the morale boosting words and wishes sent to us in cards and in telephone conversations.

 Yours sincerely, 

The Management Team of David Cargill House

About David Cargill House

About the House

Find out more about the rich history of David Cargill House meet our experienced team, view our recent Care Inspectorate reports or discover our information hub at the House where you can access a range of publications.

Life at David Cargill House

Life at David Cargill

We’ve created a home from home at David Cargill House. Find out more about living in the house, how our individual approach enhances life here and the diverse range of daily activities we have on offer.

Our Care at David Cargill House

Our Care

Our dedicated team of exceptional staff provide the highest possible standards of care at David Cargill House. Find out more about our individual approach and how we can support your loved ones to live well.

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