Specialist Care

For residents with complex needs, the provision of intensive support and care in David Cargill House means that they receive the highest standard of care possible from an exceptionally dedicated and skilled staff team in an environment that offers relaxation, stimulation and preserves the dignity of the individual. We encourage integration without discrimination or segregation. Care and support is offered in accordance with the resident’s wishes utilising a consistent approach which upholds the principles of respect, empowerment and choice.

By collaborating with the resident, their families, friends and representatives, advocacy services and other health professionals, we develop a person-centred care plan which allows us to tailor our service provision to suit the needs and preferences of the individual. The care plan is complimented by a supplementary care plan, anticipatory care plan, where necessary, and an advanced care plan which account for all needs such as cultural, social, spiritual and healthcare needs, as well as psychological and emotional wellbeing. We work very closely with other health professionals to ensure that the care on offer is appropriately meeting the complexity of the needs of the individual to provide positive outcomes. We also work closely with local stroke rehabilitation groups, day centres and places of worship etc. and arrange weekly outings for our residents to attend.

Our staff are genuine in their approach and we get to know our residents very well on an individual basis, preferring to be in amongst our residents and learn from them as we go. As a result, we know our residents very well and staff have the ability to recognise where and when an intervention or a combination of interventions are required to promote wellbeing and alleviate stress or distress. Such knowledge of our residents also assists in recognising where ‘silent’ physical conditions are presenting and allows the commencement of appropriate treatments to rehabilitate these conditions. Staff communicate effectively via action plan meetings and reports to detail each resident’s unique daily experience to equip all on shift with the knowledge to support our residents and respond effectively to any challenges presented.